The First Steps.

Konstantinos Kritselis took over the business from his father self-taught jeweler at the time setting up a company to manufacture and sell primarily in retail.


His desire to create unique high-quality jewelry combined with his love for Hellenic culture and ancient pieces of jewelry led to redesign and create reproductions of Ancient Greek jewelry.


Konstantinos establish his own store at Pandrossou street in Athens, exactly where it supposed to, just under the Acropolis.  The first store named “Takis Jewelers” Honoring Konstantinos’s father.

The 80's

According to his experience so far but also the idea that it’s time to make more wearable and enjoyable jewelry different from those they made so far, Konstantinos started to create new pieces according to the fashion trends to serve the need of his customers but always crafted by the traditional techniques.

On the Way

In this way, with his vivid imagination and the need to accomplish his aspirations and dreams Konstantinos brings on board the best goldsmiths with their unique work and incomparable craftsmanship. A few years later consolidated in the jewelry business and his unique pieces worn by people around the world.


The Athens store is booming. Takis Jewelry expands to include a vast selection of jewelry. Prominence and reputation allow Konstantinos to begin carrying renowned brands in his store.


Having achieved many milestones in his journey the now established jeweler felt the need of offering his loyal clientele a fresh shopping experience. Takis Jewelry receives a massive renovation and quickly becomes one of the most recognisable jewelry boutiques in Athens.